AI chatbots in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots have significantly impacted customer service and finance industries. Similarly, AI chatbots in healthcare drive greater efficiency and better patient outcomes. Healthcare providers can automate mundane tasks and processes by leveraging AI-powered chatbot technology, freeing their time to focus on more important things like patient care. 

This blog post will explore five critical uses for AI chatbots in healthcare and unique insights from experts. 

Automating Appointments & Remote Monitoring

Healthcare providers can use AI-powered chatbots to automate the scheduling process for appointments. Chatbots understand user intent and respond with the appropriate information. This helps save time by eliminating the need for manual appointment scheduling and reducing wait times for patients who may be unable to make an appointment over the phone or online. 

Ada’s chatbot can also monitor patients remotely, providing alerts to healthcare professionals if there are any changes in the patient’s health. This can help to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital admissions.

Ada: Example of AI Chatbots in Healthcare - Automate Appointments

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Improving Patient Engagement

AI-powered chatbots improve patient engagement by providing timely updates and reminders about upcoming appointments or medication changes. In addition, these chatbots also give a more personalized experience in the form of chat support by answering common questions about medical conditions or treatment plans, helping patients feel more informed and empowered regarding their healthcare decisions.  

An example is Woebot’s Health chatbot uses NLP which provides mental health support to patients. The chatbot also provides daily check-ins and prompts patients to engage in healthy behaviors, such as meditation and exercise. This can help to improve patient outcomes and build brand loyalty.

Woebot Example of AI Chatbot in Healthcare - Patient Engagement


Improving Symptom Detection and Health Assessment

AI-powered chatbot technology can help patients to check their symptoms and get an instant diagnosis. By giving instant advice this technology can reduce the burden on healthcare service providers. Babylon and Ada’s AI powered chatbot are examples of these tools in use.

Ada’s AI powered chatbot helps patients to complete health assessments and get personalized recommendations based on their results. One can identify potential health issues early and take preventative action.

AI chatbots enhance medical research by automating data collection and analysis of tasks that would otherwise take significant time for researchers to manually input data into spreadsheets or databases.  

Streamlining Billing Processes 

AI-powered chatbots can also help streamline billing processes by automating payment reminders and providing accurate invoices to customers quickly and easily via text message or email notifications. This reduces administrative costs and improves customer satisfaction since payments are handled promptly and efficiently without hassle or delays due to manual errors or processing times associated with traditional billing processes.  

Generating Awareness

In addition, chatbots can be used for marketing purposes. For example, a healthcare provider could create a chatbot to help prospective patients learn more about the services offered by the practice and answer any questions they may have about treatments or procedures. The chatbot could then provide links to relevant resources or schedule appointments for interested customers. 


The future of AI-powered healthcare looks incredibly promising; these five uses demonstrate a few ways this technology can revolutionize how we deliver care and interact with patients. As experts have highlighted, there are still vast opportunities left unexplored when it comes to leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence-powered chatbots in the healthcare industry – allowing us all to imagine a future where human doctors work together with intelligent machines towards better health outcomes for all! Create a chatbot now with Chatbotbuilder and don’t miss out on the technology. Sign Up for a Free Trial on

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